Rocketman transit app showing bus stops and routes for Toronto

Ride on Time with Rocketman

Taking back your commute, one day at a time.

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Prediction times so accurate you might think they were made by psychics.

A live countdown for when the next bus, streetcar or train will be arriving at your stop.

For those who think being
fashionably late is out of style.

Real-time alerts for service delays along your route. Plus added bonus: vehicle tracking to know EXACTLY where it is.

For those that enjoy a simple,
clean design.

We’re not sure what clean means, but it sure sounds good. Relevant information only for your commute. ‘Favourite’ your preferred stops, group them together based on commuting time, & set reminders for the next vehicle.

What people are saying:

Rocketman is the best app for navigating and catching buses.


I’ve been using this app for years and it just keeps getting better. It’s indispensable in my home town, but how great that I can keep using it in so many of the other cities I travel to.


Will the next one arrive in an hour? You won’t know unless you use RocketMan. Seriously, this is what smartphones are for.


About Rocketman

Launched in 2011, Rocketman is a Canadian app for real-time transit alerts and arrival times. Commonly known as the OG transit app, Rocketman was originally built to service Toronto’s public transit system and has since expanded to provide real-time transit information for cities across Canada and the United States. Rocketman supports TTC, Go Transit, BC Transit, TransLink, Mi Way, Zum & more.