5 Ways to Practice Kindness on Public Transportation

Appreciation seems like an appropriate word for 2021. Over the last year, you’ve probably come to appreciate a lot of things that you’ve taken for granted. Something as simple as going outside, seeing your family and friends, or even commuting to and from work all feel like privileges now. And as cities and communities across Canada begin to reopen, they’re privileges we surely won’t take for granted again.    Why thanking the transit driver will make their day and yours This is why for Transit Appreciation Month, we want to talk about something else we’ve taken for granted. For those

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6 Bottle Shops in Toronto and the GTA to Support After Dry January

One of the most courageous resolutions people make coming into the new year is to cut back on their consumption of alcohol. We applaud you for this. We know it’s not easy to cut back on something that’s normally associated with socializing. And not drinking as much can be yet another reminder of the socially distanced reality that we’re enduring to help keep our communities safe. We know it’s necessary, but happy hour over Zoom just doesn’t have the same appeal.    Regardless of the situation, not having a glass or two of wine a week is tough when it’s

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3 Bottle Shops in Vancouver to Support After Dry January

3 Bottle Shops in British Columbia to Support After Dry January     Is it possible to love and hate something at the same time? Because that’s how most of us feel about Dry January. We love it because it’s one of those resolutions that really test your will power. If you can do this, you can do anything. At least that’s what it feels like. But then we hate it because, well, we don’t get to drink. And being forced to stay at home, even though it’s for our communities' safety, makes it even harder not to crack a can

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6 Bottle Shops in Calgary to Support After Dry January

You did it! You beat the odds and survived another dry January (or February!). If this is your first time, take a bow. We know it wasn’t easy but trust us when we say it’s totally worth it. It’s hard to keep any new year’s resolution, let alone this one. But here you are, still standing, so you deserve all the credit.    You know what they say, though? Everything in moderation, including moderation. After going dry for an entire month by not consuming any alcohol (leftover rum cake doesn’t count), you’re allowed to have a glass of wine or

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What to Do When You Lose Something on the TTC

Have you ever hopped on the TTC or GO Transit, checked your pockets and realized you lost your PRESTO card, keys or even your wallet? It happens to the best of us. Before you chase down the streetcar or jump in an Uber and tell the driver to “follow that bus!”, take a deep breath. There are actually some pretty specific protocols that Toronto Transit has put in place to help you recover lost items.  The first step you should take when you lose something on the TTC  Believe it or not, people lose things on the TTC all

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What to Expect When You’re Returning to Transit 

It’s probably been a while since you’ve plumped your tush on a bus or streetcar or train, but the days right around the corner when you’ll likely be expected to do just that, especially considering many cities are moving into Phase 3 of re-opening. But be prepared, because like a ten-year high school reunion, things are going to look a little different. With the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic continuing to impact the way we commute, you’ll need to be aware of the new rules so you can ride safely and keep everyone else around you safe as well.  Here are

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Crowdedness 2.0: Like the Original, but Better

From the people that brought you Transit Crowdedness V1 comes Transit Crowdedness V2!  You might be asking yourself, are you promoting the same feature to me a second time? The answer is yes and no - which is really a non-answer if you think about it... talk about deflection.  Our Crowdedness V1 feature got an amazing response when we launched it in June, but we believe there are always opportunities to make something better. We listened to your feedback to make this a feature you find useful AND easy to use within the app.  Why are we focusing on

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6 Simple Steps to Cleaning Your Phone Before and After Commuting

If you knew the kind of bacteria that can live on your phone, you’d probably carry it into the shower with you. As clever as we all can be in avoiding contact with gas pumps, elevator buttons, and even door handles, humans have yet to figure out how to keep our fingers off our phones. So since you handle your device hundreds or likely thousands of times a day, you might as well learn how to clean your phone properly. Here are 6 steps to cleaning your phone and its accessories    How often do you clean your phone right

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A Guide to Riding Public Transit Hands-Free

Many of us (under expert instruction) have avoided public transit unless we absolutely have to travel. For those of us who take public transit to shop for essential items like groceries, jumping on the bus or streetcar can feel a bit like entering the twilight zone. Despite the current coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, even in the best of times you probably don’t want to be touching a bunch of surfaces, so we’re going to tell you the best - and dare we say fun - way to go about doing that.    5 Tips for a hands-free ride on any mode

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Where to Buy Canadian Made Masks Online

Facemasks have become as ubiquitous as everyone suddenly getting around on rollerblades - and with good reason. Wearing a non-medical mask or face covering is one way to protect yourself and others from COVID-19. Despite our transit systems’ best efforts to implement physical distancing, it’s not always possible to stay six feet away from the guy headbanging to Metallica. Keep medical-grade Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) for the front-line workers who need it most and come prepared for that streetcar ride with your own reusable, and dare we say it – stylish – mask. Unless you’ve got a side-hustle selling handmade

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