You are required to purchase a ticket before you board a transit vehicle, proof of purchase or POP is proof that you paid. It can be in the form of a pass, ticket, cash payment, or transfer.


Your fare is valid for 60 minutes from your original purchase time. You can obtain one from the operator as you board the bus, and show it to the operator of the next vehicle. You do not need a transfer if you are using a monthly pass.

Other passes

In addition to cash fare and tickets, Thunder Bay Transit has monthly passes. Most riders obtain a regular adult pass, but there are discounts for youth and senior riders. If you have a Transit Accessibility ID card or a Lift+ ID card, you can purchase a discounted monthly pass.

On Sundays and holidays, a single adult monthly pass can be used by a single individual or:

  • Two adults/seniors and three youth, or
  • One adult/senior and four youth