Hey, Rocketeers! You may have realized that Rocketman’s user interface needed a little love 😬 . We noticed the same thing, which is why we’ve released “UI 2.0”: the same Rocketman you love but in a sexy new sleeve. We’ve cleaned up a lot of the screens so they display information more clearly. We’ve also added alert banners to the “Favourites” and “Near Me” screens to make it easier to see when there is a problem on your route.

New UI update

Now, these new features are currently in beta, which means they’re only available to an exclusive club of our most beloved users; it might be a few more weeks for you to see it in your mobile app.

If that sparked a little bit of jealousy in you – firstly, we’re flattered. Secondly, anyone can join the beta program in a few clicks, but we only launched it a couple of days ago, so it’s still an “exclusive” club. If you are a leap-before-you-look kinda person, you can join directly here … or if you like to read things 🤓, you can start by learning more about the beta program here.


… we’ll give you a peek but don’t show these to anyone

*Challenge: see if you can find the mistake in the pictures below – email us if you find any


New Tab Views

New Alerts Banners


New Arrivals Screen

arrivals page

That’s all you get for now… 😉

We really hope you all enjoy the new look; it took a lot of work. We want this new look to make your commute just a bit more bearable, but if it doesn’t… JOIN THE BETA AND LET US KNOW HOW TO FIX IT!

“If you aren’t part of the solution, you are part of the problem.”

 – The Rocketman, May 2020

Up Next

We have some big things in the pipeline right now. Hint: it rhymes with “gavourites frouping”; any ideas? Email us to let us know what we should work on next.

Don’t have Rocketman? Stay on top of your commute by downloading it:

Rocketman for iOS 

Rocketman for Android

Not sure if Rocketman works in your area? View our list of supported regions.


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