Hey Commuters – We’re excited to announce a relaunch of our beta program for the Rocketman mobile apps! 

Oh-Em-Gee, Program Launch

… but what even is a beta program?

A beta program is where a select group of users receive an early release of our app with new updates that no one else has received. Feedback from the users who receive the beta – beta users, if you please – is used to make sure the app is perfect before it goes out to all Rocketman users. This means making sure nothing is broken and that the new features are complete. 

How does Rocketman use its beta program?

We give beta users early access to new updates a couple of weeks before we release them publicly. During that time, we ask our beta users what they like or don’t like about the new update so we can tweak it before it goes out to everyone.

How the Rocketman beta program works:

  1. A user enrols in the beta program.
  2. After being confirmed into the beta program, users receive an invitation to download the beta app.
  3. Users update their phones to sync their Rocketman app to the beta program.
  4. Every time there is a major upgrade, beta users will receive an email outlining the changes and asking them to try out some of the newest features.
  5. After a bit of time to play around with the new feature(s), we’ll send the user a quick survey. They can let us know what they think could be better or what they love; for anyone who wants to explain more, we’ll always be happy to chat on the phone.
  6. Then our team reads all the feedback, our genius programmers work their magic, and we can turn out a flawless new feature for everyone to enjoy.

Additionally, beta users will have the ability to contact the Rocketman team about any new ideas for things they’d like to see added to the app.

So, why would I want to join?

Rocketman Beta Program

Joining the Rocketman beta program gives you a couple key benefits:

  1. Get a direct line of communication with the Rocketman team: If you have app trouble, transit issues, or are just looking for someone to talk about the weather, we gotcha.
  2. Get fixes to problems that annoy you: By giving feedback, those little annoying things about the app or your commute can get fixed. Maybe it’s a small typo on one of the pages, or perhaps it’s that reloading your transit card sucks. Whatever it is, we can work to fix it together.
  3. Get early access to the newest features: Rocketman beta users get our latest, best features, weeks before anyone else, including things like improved predictions, grouping your favourites, or push notifications on major alerts.
  4. Help other commuters: We are all in this together. Commuting can be a struggle, but if we can all help each other out, we can make it a bit better for all of us.

I’m in – now how do I join?

So if this all sounds good to you, joining is simple. Fill out the Rocketman beta sign-up form, and we’ll contact you immediately with your install codes. If you have any issues, you can email us, hit us up on Twitter or DM our Insta, and we’ll have answers for you in no time (usually an hour).

Are you ready to beta test? Bring it on!

Don’t have Rocketman? Stay on top of your commute by downloading it:

Rocketman for iOS 

Rocketman for Android


Not sure if Rocketman works in your area? View our list of supported regions.


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