Black-Owned Businesses in Calgary You Can Support Right Now

Black-Owned Businesses in Calgary You Can Support Right Now February 1 marks more than the beginning of February. It marks the beginning of Black History Month. This year’s theme, The Future is Now, is meant to celebrate and acknowledge the work being done and continues to be done every day by Black Canadians to support and elevate their communities.  In support of Black History Month, we’re highlighting Black-owned and operated businesses across Canada that are leading the way. While February may only have 28 days, we’re committed to using our platform to support and share stories from Black Canadians

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Getting Familiar with the Calgary Transportation System

The multicultural city of Calgary welcomes thousands of newcomers each year. One of your first priorities as a newcomer is to understand how to get around your new city. Calgary’s frequent and inexpensive public transportation system is a convenient way to travel while cutting down on car costs and reducing your personal carbon footprint. This article was original published by Arrive. Arrive helps newcomers reach life, career and financial goals in Canada. Getting familiar with the Calgary transportation system Calgary’s new transit innovations, such as the My Fare app for contactless payment, make its transit system advanced and user-friendly.

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6 Bottle Shops in Calgary to Support After Dry January

You did it! You beat the odds and survived another dry January (or February!). If this is your first time, take a bow. We know it wasn’t easy but trust us when we say it’s totally worth it. It’s hard to keep any new year’s resolution, let alone this one. But here you are, still standing, so you deserve all the credit.    You know what they say, though? Everything in moderation, including moderation. After going dry for an entire month by not consuming any alcohol (leftover rum cake doesn’t count), you’re allowed to have a glass of wine or

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Liven Up Your Space with 5 Local Plant Shops in Calgary

It’s winter, and it’s cold, and you’re already regretting any new year’s resolutions you’ve made. This is supposed to be the year you “find happiness.” The year everything in your life finally makes sense, and you fulfil all your dreams.  That’s a lot of pressure to put on yourself. How about you make a fresh New Year’s resolution but this time—start small. Like, plant small. You can begin by looking at your local plant shop and decide which plant can add some positive energy to your home. A little bit of life in your home can go a long way,

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Holiday 2020 Transit Schedule Changes for Calgary

This Holiday season will be different for all of us this year. If you are travelling on Calgary Transit over the Holidays, here are some changes you need to know. Like many major transit agencies across Canada, Calgary Transit will have adjusted holiday service. On New Year’s Eve, they offer extended evening service on the CTrain, MAX routes and some bus routes. For all CTRiders, a reminder that face coverings are now mandatory.  Calgary Transit Holiday Schedule Dec 21 - Winter service changes begin. Dec 21 - Sunday, Jan 10, 2021 All school trips are cancelled as schools close

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