Using Public Transportation in Vancouver

When newcomers first move to Canada, transportation is one of the first aspects of their new life that they need to figure out. In Vancouver, you can get to work, school, community centres, or the beautiful parks and beaches by using public transportation. This article will cover Vancouver’s easy-to-use public transit options and describe how to start riding public transportation throughout the city and the surrounding area of Metro Vancouver. Metro Vancouver is a broad term that describes the city of Vancouver and many of its surrounding municipalities including Burnaby, Langley, Surrey, Coquitlam, North Vancouver, and more. Translink is the transit authority that services Metro Vancouver, in conjunction

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5 Ways to Make Your Commute Less Stressful During the Pandemic

We’re all trying to adjust. Every day it’s something different that makes us just a little bit hopeful or sends us into a new state of uncertainty. That’s OK. Well, it’s not, but we’re going to do our best to make it work because that’s what we have to do.  And that’s what Rocketman will do. Maybe you need to jump on a bus or streetcar because you have no choice. With all that’s going on right now, what used to be a simple commute can now stir up some anxiety. So our goal is simple; to help take

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7 Ways to Ride More Safely on Transit During the Coronavirus

It’s happening. We’re finally seeing more streetcars and buses with people on them again. And while this is a sign that things are starting to return to whatever your version of normal might be, you still shouldn’t just hop on public transit without understanding how to stay safe. We know your mom told you that you’re the centre of the world, but staying safe is about protecting other people just as much as it is about protecting yourself. So pay attention to what we’re about to tell you because you might learn something, and more importantly, you’ll increase your chances

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6 Simple Steps to Cleaning Your Phone Before and After Commuting

If you knew the kind of bacteria that can live on your phone, you’d probably carry it into the shower with you. As clever as we all can be in avoiding contact with gas pumps, elevator buttons, and even door handles, humans have yet to figure out how to keep our fingers off our phones. So since you handle your device hundreds or likely thousands of times a day, you might as well learn how to clean your phone properly. Here are 6 steps to cleaning your phone and its accessories    How often do you clean your phone right

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