Crowdedness 2.0: Like the Original, but Better

From the people that brought you Transit Crowdedness V1 comes Transit Crowdedness V2!  You might be asking yourself, are you promoting the same feature to me a second time? The answer is yes and no - which is really a non-answer if you think about it... talk about deflection.  Our Crowdedness V1 feature got an amazing response when we launched it in June, but we believe there are always opportunities to make something better. We listened to your feedback to make this a feature you find useful AND easy to use within the app.  Why are we focusing on

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Riding (kinda) Solo: Introducing Our New Transit Crowdedness Feature

If you had to say, would you classify yourself as a more of an introvert or an extrovert? Regardless of where you get your energy from – the people around you or by being on your own – we bet it doesn’t come from being surrounded by people on a crowded bus, train or streetcar when all you want to do is get to work on time. For a lot of us, the daily commuting ritual is more of a solo activity where you can zone out by listening to a podcast, play Mario Kart Tour on your phone or

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