7 Local Restaurants to Order Takeout and Delivery From in Vancouver

It’s been a weird year; nobody denies that. We’ve watched the restaurant industry take a hit. And another. We’ve banded together through it all as they pivoted to come up with different ways to serve us, their hungry and loyal customers. The resiliency and ingenuity have not gone unnoticed. At Rocketman, we wanted to celebrate Vancouver’s fantastic food scene and the diverse offerings for curbside pick-up and delivery. Use the Rocketman app to get to and from these top Van City eats. 7 Local Restaurants to Order Takeout and Delivery From in Vancouver   Lee’s Donuts Located in: Granville

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12 Days of Canadian Gifts That Give Back

The holiday season will be different this year, like all other events in 2020. We’d love to be sitting around the fireplace with all our aunts and uncles and cousins drinking hot chocolate or apple cider, and popping in and out of stores at the mall, poking around for the perfect holiday gifts. Instead, this year, we’re making the best of small gatherings and enjoying the convenience of online ordering and curbside pickups.  While gifts are great, they’re even better when they support a good cause. And this year, it’s more important than ever to support local businesses and

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COVID-Safe Holiday Activities and Events in British Columbia

We’ve all had to make peace with the reality that the holidays will be a lot different this year. It can be a tough pill to swallow for those who depend on this time of year to spend meaningful time with family and friends. It’s also Christmas! And Hanukkah! And Kwanzaa! It’s a time to celebrate your friendships and share gifts and enjoy being around people you love. So the fact that there are limits to what we can do and how we can travel kind of sucks.  But like most negative things in life, there’s a silver lining.

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COVID-Safe Holiday Activities and Events in Ontario

Different is the word that everyone is throwing around when talking about what the holidays will be like this year. That’s a bit of an understatement. Right now, we’d be walking into stores adorned with holiday decorations and playing Christmas carols while we shopped for family members and friends. That’s not possible this year, and while it’s for the safety of our family and friends that we maintain the social distancing rules, we can still admit that it kind of sucks.  That said, some activities are safe enough for you to enjoy during the holidays. Some of these events

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The Ultimate Holiday Playlist for Commuters

One of the best parts of the winter season has to be holiday music. Yes, the songs can be a bit corny, but they’re also one way we recognize that we’re getting close to celebrating the most festive time of year. The music helps us get into the spirit of the season and adds a layer of joy and nostalgia specific to this time of year. It’s not an accident that so many musicians write holiday-themed songs. They know the power of music and how that music can lift the mood of an entire household.  In a normal year,

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10 Toronto-Based Businesses to Shop at on Black Friday

Like all events in 2020, Black Friday looks a bit different this year. To continue supporting local communities in Toronto and make your dollars stretch further, it’s more important than ever to shop local. When you buy from a local business, you know that you’re helping someone pay their rent and feed their family.  Not sure where to shop for Black Friday this year? Don't worry! The Rocketman team has gathered some of the best deals just for you. If you don’t live in Toronto, you can still take advantage of these deals by selecting

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7 Ways to Save on Your Commute in Ontario

The word “normal” needs to be suspended from our vocabulary, at least for the foreseeable future. There’s nothing normal about this pandemic and its impact on our lives, and waiting for a return to normalcy assumes that everything will go back to the way it was. Hope is never a bad thing, but we have to deal with reality. And the reality is that life is different. The way we work, how we socialize, and how we travel and commute have all been unprecedented. To that last point, commuting to work has become a necessary evil for front-line workers,

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Low Income Transit Passes for Ontario

It doesn’t do much justice to say that COVID-19 has impacted all of our lives. It has, and it’s continuing to put all kinds of pressure on us to figure out how the heck we exist in this new world that has been created. Thinking of all the people who have lost jobs or had to adjust the way they work makes your head spin.  Sorry, we know it sounds a bit doomsday-ish, but we got to keep it real with you. And while people are trying to get back on their feet, being able to afford the back

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Low Income Transit Passes for British Columbia

There’s really no other way to describe the pandemic than to say it really sucks. Even though the mantra is that we’re all in this together, the reality is that COVID-19 and the subsequent quarantine has impacted everyone differently. Some people have been able to make the switch to working from home without too much difficulty. Others have struggled with the transition, and some people have had their lives turned completely upside down. While everyone is trying to figure out their lives, the public transit system in British Columbia (BC) already had plans to help commuters. Each of the

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Crowdedness 2.0: Like the Original, but Better

From the people that brought you Transit Crowdedness V1 comes Transit Crowdedness V2!  You might be asking yourself, are you promoting the same feature to me a second time? The answer is yes and no - which is really a non-answer if you think about it... talk about deflection.  Our Crowdedness V1 feature got an amazing response when we launched it in June, but we believe there are always opportunities to make something better. We listened to your feedback to make this a feature you find useful AND easy to use within the app.  Why are we focusing on

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