• How racism drove entrepreneur Trevor Silver to create his thriving fashion brand. Based out of Atlantic Canada.

The Black Atlantic Experience: How Trevor Silver is Creating a Brand with Purpose

Trevor Silver wanted to be a lawyer to inspire people in his community. But after an uninspiring summer job and a racist incident while in law school, he began to rethink his path. He chose instead to follow his heart and create a brand with purpose. The Black Atlantic Experience - a video series highlighting the stories, challenges, and triumphs of some of Atlantic Canada’s emerging Black leaders in order to educate and inspire a new generation. We are shining a light on a new vanguard who are changing the narrative around what is possible for the Black community,

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Commuting Tunes: Spotlight on Missy D from Vancouver

Vancouver-based bilingual hip-hop, rap, soul artist and femcee Missy D uses her fast-driving rhythms and soulful melodies to deliver introspective lyrics. Rocketman will be featuring emerging artists from across Canada. We are serving up new music and artists you can explore on your commute to keep your playlist fresh. Image courtesy: David Markwei Productions This article originally appeared on RBC's Discover & Learn Canada’s emerging artists contribute to the fabric and strength of communities. “Creative Culture: Emerging Artists to Watch” is a new series profiling young Canadian artists as they begin to grow from emerging to established. Yes, mamas, papas and music

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