Black-Owned Businesses in Vancouver & Victoria You Can Support Right Now

Black-Owned Businesses in Vancouver and Victoria You Can Support Right Now February 1 marks more than the beginning of February. It marks the beginning of Black History Month. This year’s theme, The Future is Now, is meant to celebrate and acknowledge the work being done and continues to be done every day by Black Canadians to support and elevate their communities.  In support of Black History Month, we’re highlighting Black-owned and operated businesses across Canada that are leading the way. While February may only have 28 days, we’re committed to using our platform to support and share stories from

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Commuting Tunes: Spotlight on Missy D from Vancouver

Vancouver-based bilingual hip-hop, rap, soul artist and femcee Missy D uses her fast-driving rhythms and soulful melodies to deliver introspective lyrics. Rocketman will be featuring emerging artists from across Canada. We are serving up new music and artists you can explore on your commute to keep your playlist fresh. Image courtesy: David Markwei Productions This article originally appeared on RBC's Discover & Learn Canada’s emerging artists contribute to the fabric and strength of communities. “Creative Culture: Emerging Artists to Watch” is a new series profiling young Canadian artists as they begin to grow from emerging to established. Yes, mamas, papas and music

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3 Bottle Shops in Vancouver to Support After Dry January

3 Bottle Shops in British Columbia to Support After Dry January     Is it possible to love and hate something at the same time? Because that’s how most of us feel about Dry January. We love it because it’s one of those resolutions that really test your will power. If you can do this, you can do anything. At least that’s what it feels like. But then we hate it because, well, we don’t get to drink. And being forced to stay at home, even though it’s for our communities' safety, makes it even harder not to crack a can

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Using Public Transportation in Vancouver

When newcomers first move to Canada, transportation is one of the first aspects of their new life that they need to figure out. In Vancouver, you can get to work, school, community centres, or the beautiful parks and beaches by using public transportation. This article will cover Vancouver’s easy-to-use public transit options and describe how to start riding public transportation throughout the city and the surrounding area of Metro Vancouver. Metro Vancouver is a broad term that describes the city of Vancouver and many of its surrounding municipalities including Burnaby, Langley, Surrey, Coquitlam, North Vancouver, and more. Translink is the transit authority that services Metro Vancouver, in conjunction

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5 Must-Try Local Plant Shops in Vancouver

Plants and people; sounds like the title of a 20-page essay that nobody would ever read. Luckily, this article isn’t as lengthy, and you’ve made it this far, so hopefully, you’ll continue not just because it’s short, but because we have some useful information about local plant shops in B.C. that you need to know.  Even if you’re not into New Year’s resolutions, being a better person should be a goal you’re pushing towards no matter what date it says on the calendar. And while we’re not about to get into the science of whether or not a plant can

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7 Local Restaurants to Order Takeout and Delivery From in Vancouver

It’s been a weird year; nobody denies that. We’ve watched the restaurant industry take a hit. And another. We’ve banded together through it all as they pivoted to come up with different ways to serve us, their hungry and loyal customers. The resiliency and ingenuity have not gone unnoticed. At Rocketman, we wanted to celebrate Vancouver’s fantastic food scene and the diverse offerings for curbside pick-up and delivery. Use the Rocketman app to get to and from these top Van City eats. 7 Local Restaurants to Order Takeout and Delivery From in Vancouver   Lee’s Donuts Located in: Granville

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COVID-Safe Holiday Activities and Events in British Columbia

We’ve all had to make peace with the reality that the holidays will be a lot different this year. It can be a tough pill to swallow for those who depend on this time of year to spend meaningful time with family and friends. It’s also Christmas! And Hanukkah! And Kwanzaa! It’s a time to celebrate your friendships and share gifts and enjoy being around people you love. So the fact that there are limits to what we can do and how we can travel kind of sucks.  But like most negative things in life, there’s a silver lining.

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Transit Accessible Day Trips from Vancouver

We get it. You cancelled your vacation to the Caribbean or that trip to Bali, you’ve been planning for over a year. And it sucks, it really does. Travelling is so much fun and such a valuable experience. But guess what? You’re not the only one that had to put off travelling. This pandemic has caused many of us to alter or downright cancel any kind of travel outside of our own province. Which brings us to our next point: you can still travel – just do it within your city.  And if there ever was a city that

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