How can we help you?

Do I need to provide my email to Rocketman?

No, you don’t! You may see offers or contests promoted within the Rocketman app that ask for your email address to fulfill the offer or enter the contest, but your email is not required to use the app.

I don’t want Rocketman to know my location but I want to see transit information. Can I still use the app?

Absolutely! If you do not want to allow Rocketman to access your location, you can manually enter your location and destination into the app. Remember to turn off Rocketman’s access to your location in your device’s settings.

What are you doing to protect my privacy?

We take the privacy of our users very seriously, and we’re committed to being transparent and explicit about user consent. Please see the Rocketman Privacy Disclaimer for more details.

What is the Rocketman Beta program and how can I join?

The Rocketman Beta program gives you early access to our new features and improvements. All we ask is that you provide feedback on things you like, don’t like, and any bugs or issues you might encounter. If you’d like to join our Beta program, email us at and let us know!

How does the crowding feature work?

Rocketman users across the country will notice buttons on the countdown screen – the place you track real-time arrival times and alerts – where you can report crowding levels on your route. Riders can use this to inform other passengers about the state of crowdedness on their route, specifically:

  • If there is seating available,