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Get from A to B with less OMG. Calgary’s favourite free transit app 🚀

Mississauga loves Rockeman—not that we want to brag, but we’re kind of Canada’s favourite transit app.

Made (with lots of love) right here in the great white north, we give transit riders in Mississauga real-time information on buses and trains. This means your next ride on MiWay or GO Transit should be a piece of cake—or whatever the healthy equivalent is.

With Rocketman, you can view real-time schedules of MiWay and Mississauga GO Transit, track your transit vehicles along their route, get delays delivered right to your phone, find out which buses and trains are jam-packed (so you can get the next one), and save all of your favourite stops in once place.

Rocketman’s interface is simple and elegant. We show you only what you need to know to get to your destination in the most efficient way possible, and help you skip long times sitting on the bus bench wondering, is this thing ever coming!?

Getting around Mississauga with transit is so much easier with Rocketman in your pocket!

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Explore the city with the best Calgary Transit App

There are some pretty cool places that you can check out in Calgary, and most of them can be accessed via transit. Whether you want to explore animals at the zoo, take a walk through a natural park, or shop until you (figuratively) drop at the mall, Calgary Transit can get you there.

You don’t need a car to enjoy Calgary; you can get a lot done on transit. If you need some inspiration, we think you should (safely) check out some of these unique Calgary spots:

  • You can make your way to Calgary’s downtown on any CTrain line where you can walk down Stephen Avenue, check out the Glenbow Museum, and grab a bite to eat.
  • The bus stop at southbound Heritage Park Gate is a quick five-minute walk from the historic Heritage Park, where you can grab some candy and walk through history.
  • If you have the shopping bug, you can grab the Somerset CTrain Line (201) stops a short five-minute walk away—catch a movie, get what you want, and have something to eat.

Calgary, we’ve got you covered with the free Rocketman transit app

Rocketman Frequently Asked Questions

How do I use the Rocketman transit app in Calgary?2021-06-02T15:34:37+00:00

We made Rocketman really easy to use.

You start by heading to your app store of choice, where you can download it for free. Once you have the app installed, you can favourite your preferred stops, group different stops together based on your commute, and set reminders for the next vehicle to arrive.
With Rocketman, you’ll stay up to date throughout your trip with real-time alerts. That way you’ll know if you can stop for a coffee on your way.

Is the Rocketman transit app accurate?2021-06-02T15:35:36+00:00

The Rocketman app uses feeds and vehicle tracking information provided by local transit agencies to let you know where vehicles are and to determine vehicle arrival times.

This helps us display alerts as soon as delays occur and makes sure you know when you need to be at your stop. Of course, this means that you need to have an internet connection through Wi-Fi or a data plan to effectively use Rocketman.

What is the best Calgary Transit app for iPhone?2021-06-02T15:36:23+00:00

Rocketman is obviously the best Calgary Transit app for your iPhone—we’re sure the other guys are OK, but we’re where the real party is at. We provide you with real-time alerts, delay notifications and can help you prove to your boss that it really was transit’s fault you were late (we’ve got your back).

What is the best Calgary Transit app for Android?2021-06-02T15:37:03+00:00

Hmm, best Calgary transit app for Android? We’re not sure… just kidding! It’s obviously Rocketman.

We believe that all transit riders, including those that don’t use Apple devices, deserve to have accessible, accurate real-time transit updates. Though, full disclosure, if you have a flip phone, you’re on your own.

Why do you even need to use a Calgary Transit app?2021-06-02T15:38:27+00:00

Calgary has been adding to its complex transit system since the Calgary Street Railway—a system of 12 electric streetcars—got its start in 1909.

Today, riders navigate a system of conventional buses and trains to get to where they need to go. Still, while the technology has improved, it’s gotten considerably bigger, which often means delays.

Calgary Transit sees its biggest ridership during weekday rush hour when thousands of workers pile into the downtown core, making their way there on buses and trains—because downtown parking in the city is simply unaffordable. If you want to know when you need to catch the bus and how long it’ll take you to get there, our real-time information will make all the difference.

Riding on Calgary Transit doesn’t mean that you have to be in the dark. Our transit app can help you navigate the bus and train routes, whether you’re new in town or you’re a CTrain riding pro. Stay up to date and actually enjoy your morning commute with Rocketman!

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