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Get from A to B with less OMG. Milton’s favourite free transit app 🚀

Rocketman is Canada’s favourite transit app and Milton riders love it too! Our Canadian-made app gives Milton transit riders real-time information for both Milton Transit and GO Transit buses and trains.

With Rocketman, you can view real-time schedules, track your bus along its route, save all of your favourite stops, and get transit delay alerts delivered right to your smartphone.

We keep a simple interface that shows you only what you need to know. Our goal is to get you to your destination with minimal wait time, and hopefully when you expect to be there. Though, we admit we can’t actually make your bus move any faster.

Getting around Milton and the GTA is much easier with Rockeman by your side!

Download the Rocketman transit app for iOS on the Apple Store
Download the Rocketman transit app for Android on the Google Play Store
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Explore the city with the best Milton Transit App

Milton might be one of the smaller communities in the Greater Toronto Area, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t a ton of things you can explore while you’re there. If you’re interested in exploring the town via transit, here are a few places you might want to add to your inspiration list (for when it’s safer to travel, of course):

  • Lions Sports Park is a short walk from Milton Transit bus stop on the Main Milton line
  • There’s a stop on Main Street east where you can quickly walk over to Milton Mall and do some shopping
  • Explore Livingston Park and Mill Pond which is just a short walk from the Milton Transit #2 bus

Milton, we’ve got you covered with the free Rocketman transit app

Rocketman Frequently Asked Questions

How do I use the Rocketman transit app in Milton?2021-05-17T20:44:02+00:00

Rocketman is incredibly easy to use.

You simply head to the app store and download the app for free. With the app installed, you can favourite stops, group them together based on your commute, and set reminders for yourself so you don’t miss your next bus.

With Rocketman, you’ll stay up-to-date throughout your trip with real-time alerts!

Is the Rocketman transit app accurate?2021-05-19T16:42:46+00:00

Rocketman uses feeds and vehicle tracking information provided by local transit agencies, that way we can let you know where vehicles are and tell you when they might arrive next.

The use of this information helps us display alerts as soon as we know them. However, this does mean that you need to have an internet connection to effectively use Rocketman.

What is the best Milton Transit app for iPhone?2021-05-17T20:46:02+00:00

It’s clear that the best Milton Transit app for your iPhone is Rocketman. We provide you with accurate, real-time information that includes alerts and delay notifications. You’ll always know when you need to be at the stop for your next bus! 

What is the best Milton Transit app for Android?2021-05-17T20:46:49+00:00

The best Milton Transit app for your Android phone is absolutely Rocketman. We firmly believe that even transit riders that don’t use iPhones should be able to access accurate, real-time transit updates. However, if you’re on a flip phone you’ll remain in the dark.

Why do you even need to use a Milton Transit app?2021-05-17T20:48:11+00:00

We’ll give you that Milton is a small enough town that you could probably get around without a transit app. But just because you can, doesn’t mean that you should.

If you don’t want to wait aimlessly at the bus stop twiddling your thumbs guessing the arrival time for the next vehicle, we strongly suggest that you download Rocketman. Especially if you’re planning on using transit to go beyond downtown Milton!

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