Best Saskatoon Transit App2021-08-19T16:45:38+00:00
Best Saskatoon Transit App

Best Saskatoon Transit App

Get from A to be B with less OMG. Saskatoon’s favourite free transit app 🚀

Rocketman is here for all of your Saskatoon Transit scheduling needs — that’s why we’re Canada’s favourite transit app!

Made right here at home, we provide Canadian transit riders with real-time tracking information on bus arrivals, delays, and bus crowding with real-time route tracking. You can save your favourite frequent bus stops and get updates and notifications on delays directly to your phone, all from our simple interface.

We are here to provide you with the information you need to reach your destination in as little time as possible. For the busy days when you’re a minute late out the door, Rocketman helps get from A to B with less OMG.

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Explore the city with the best Saskatoon Transit App

The city of Saskatoon is waiting to be explored. With a rapidly growing art community and countless musical performances year-round, there’s guaranteed to be a new experience in store. 

Sometimes we just don’t know where to go, but if you’re just in need of some inspiration we have some great suggestions for you:

  • The SaskTel Centre is a great location for local concerts and sporting events year-round. Specific bus routes are provided from the Special Event Stop (23rd St and 2nd Ave) downtown to all public events at the SaskTel Centre, as well as, bus route 25 which travels to SaskTel Centre daily.
  • Prairieland Exhibition is the annual host of Saskatoon’s “The Ex” city fair. Along with multiple event halls for a range of occasions, such as farmers’ markets and concerts, Prairieland Exhibition is a perfect place to check out for a cool new way to spend a Saturday. Prairieland Park is accessible downtown through bus route 1 every half an hour, daily.
  • The Remai Modern Museum is a direction-setting, modern, and contemporary art museum located alongside the South Saskatchewan River, downtown Saskatoon. The 19th St and 2nd Ave bus stop is just a short walking distance from the Remai Modern Museum, making it as easy as ever to access transit after a day off experiencing world-renowned art.

Saskatoon, we’ve got you covered with the free Rocketman transit app

Rocketman Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Rocketman transit app accurate?2021-08-19T15:38:38+00:00

Here at Rocketman HQ we use feeds and vehicle tracking information provided by your local transit agency to keep track of vehicles , figure out their arrival times, and let you know if there’s a delay.

However, staying up-to-date on the road does mean that your smartphone needs to have a Wi-Fi connection or data plan to utilize all of the features. 

How do I use the Rocketman transit app in Saskatoon?2021-08-19T15:27:41+00:00

We made Rocketman really easy to use. 

You start by heading to your app store of choice, where you can download it for free. Once you have the app installed, you can favourite your preferred stops, group different stops together based on your commute, and set reminders for the next vehicle to arrive.

With Rocketman, you’ll stay up to date throughout your trip with real-time alerts. That way you’ll know if you can stop for a coffee on your way.

What is the best Saskatoon Transit app for iPhone?2021-08-19T15:40:05+00:00

Rocketman is obviously the best Saskatoon Transit app for your iPhone—we’re sure the other guys are OK but we’re where the real party is at. We provide you with real-time alerts, delay notifications, and can help you prove to your boss that it really was the transit’s fault you were late (we’ve got your back).

What is the best Saskatoon Transit app for Android?2021-08-19T15:40:54+00:00

Hmm, best Saskatoon transit app for Android? We’re not sure… just kidding! It’s obviously Rocketman.

We believe that all transit riders, including those that don’t use Apple devices, deserve to have accessible, accurate, real-time transit updates. Though, full disclosure, if you have a flip phone, you’re on your own.

Why do you even need to use a Saskatoon Transit app?2021-08-19T15:41:32+00:00

Since the beginning of the cities’ first streetcar routes in 1913, Saskatoon Transit’s mission has been to “provide cost-effective, safe, and affordable public transit services… allowing residents to access work, education, healthcare, shopping, and recreational opportunities.”

And they have certainly achieved widely accessible public transportation, with 40 routes ​​and over 1600 bus stops city-wide. However, with so many available bus stops in Saskatoon, riding the bus can definitely feel overwhelming at times.

That’s why we’re here. Rocketman is completely free and available right on your mobile phone. Whether you’re a regular rider, just using it this one time, or just visiting, we’re here to help you get around the city faster and with fewer headaches!