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The beginnings of what would later become Calgary Transit started in 1909, with the Calgary Street Railway. It featured 12 electric streetcars that served the then city of 30,000 people.

Eventually electric trolleybuses replaced the streetcars, then diesel buses replaced the streetcars. And in 1981, Calgary Transit became one of the first North American cities to operate a light rail system.

A system as old and complex as Calgary’s takes a little getting used to if it’s your first time. And if you’ve been riding it for a while, you know how frustrating the delays can be. But fear not, Rocketman is here to lend you a helping hand!

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Calgary, we’ve got you covered for Calgary Transit!

With an estimated 106.5 million riders in 2019, it can be easy to get lost in the crowd when riding Calgary Transit. But Rocketman is here to help you get to your destination on time, with as little frustration as possible.

We’ll let you know how long the next delay is so you can decide whether or not you have time to stop for a coffee. We’ll tell you when the next bus is going to arrive, and even give you a live countdown for the train.

Rocketman can help you navigate your way around Calgary Transit’s over 1,155 vehicles so you get to where you are going in the least amount of time!

How to pay for Calgary Transit

To ride Calgary Transit, you need a valid fare.

Fares for Calgary Transit come in the form of cash payments, tickets (either purchased through a machine or in a ticket book), day or monthly passes, or through the MyFare App.

Regardless of what you use, you need to pay for your ride before you hop on the vehicle! You can do that at the train stations, the front of the bus, through your phone, or you can purchase tickets and passes at Calgary Transit or authorized vendors.

How to buy fares/passes?

Calgary Transit wants it to be as easy as possible for you to get your fare. Fares can be purchased in person through a vendor, at a ticket machine, at the front of the bus when you board, or online.

Where to buy fares/passes?

Passes and fares for Calgary Transit can be purchased online, through the My Fare app, via a customer service centre, through a cashier at City Hall, or through most convenience or grocery stories.

If you are taking the CTrain, you can pay for your fare, including adult and youth single ride tickets and day passes, from the vending machine at the station. CTrain vending machines accept coin, credit, or debit payment only.

Calgary Transit Fares Zones

Your Calgary Transit fare will cover a ride on any bus or train within the city. There is also a Free Fare LRT Zone in downtown Calgary along the 7th Avenue Transit Corridor—all riders can ride the LRT for free along 7th Avenue.

What is POP?

“POP” or proof of payment is required to ride any Calgary Transit train or bus, with the exception of through the free fare zone. Bus drivers will need to see your fare when you board. On the train, Calgary Transit Peace Officers regularly ride the train and request to see all passengers fares.


Calgary Transit transfers are valid for 90 minutes from time of issue.

Other Passes

In addition to single-use fare, riders of Calgary Transit can purchase day, monthly, or airport access passes. Low Income and Low Income Senior passes can also be purchased for eligible users.

My Fare App for Calgary Transit

Calgary Transit uses the My Fare app as a touchless payment option. The app can be downloaded from the Apple App or Google Play store right from your mobile device.

With the My Fare app downloaded, you can purchase and use month, day, or airport boarding passes, and single-ride tickets. You cannot purchase low income pases, seniors fare, or a U-Pass.

What is Calgary Transit Access?

Low floor buses serve all of Calgary Transit’s 155 routes, and their 45 CTrain stations have access to elevators and ramps, or are ground-level—but they also provide Calgary Transit Access to customers that need a little more assistance on transit.

Each year, nearly 15,000 Calgarians take over 1-million trips through Calgary Transit Access. It serves customers that need a little more personal care due to a disability. It combines the use of Calgary Transit vehicles, along with contracted service providers.

Eligibility for Calgary Transit Access is on a case-by-case basis. Prospective users will participate in an in-person interview once they submit their application to determine their eligibility for the program.

Due to COVID-19, there is a single passenger limit when riding with Checker Cabs and two riders in Care Calgary minivans.

What is MAX?

MAX is a bus rapid transit system operated by Calgary Transit. It features four routes—Orange, Yellow, Teal, and Purple—that deliver faster than typical bus service to certain areas of the city that are not served by the CTrain system. MAX buses use the same fare structure and passes as regular Calgary Transit buses and trains.

Getting around Calgary with Calgary Transit

Calgary Transit is the best and cheapest way to get around the city, especially during high-traffic times like rush hour and during Stampede (seriously, the train is the best option during Calgary’s annual Stampede celebration). But with a system as intricate as Calgary’s, it helps to have a little help along the way—and by that, we mean Rocketman.

Calgary Transit Alerts

Rocketman provides real-time Calgary Transit alerts and updates you about changes and delays along your route. Stay up-to-date on vehicle delays, stop or station closures, and get to your destination with the least amount of delay and stress possible!

What happens when there is a train closure?

CTrain station and route closures can happen for a number of reasons from emergencies to routine maintenance. When this happens, the train route is typically temporarily replaced with a quick-service bus.

If and when train closures happen, Rocketman can help you re-route, stay on top of your arrival times, and get to your destination.

Calgary Transit safety and security policies

Calgary Transit takes passenger and staff safety very seriously, and has a number of systems in place to support you while riding. You can approach any Calgary Transit operator or uniformed Peace Officer to assist, should you need it. There are also Help phones available at stations, and a text and phone line you can reach out to if you need assistance.

Calgary Transit COVID-19 information

Calgary Transit is still in operation despite the current COVID-19 pandemic, but there have been service changes—Rocketman can help you stay on top of these. Some customer service desks are also temporarily closed, but Low Income Passes can be purchased online, and via Calgary Transit Customer Service Centres and City Hall Cashiers.

All Calgary Transit passengers and staff are required to wear face coverings while on transit vehicles or in buildings. A number of the buildings have also been temporarily closed to help prevent the spread.

Calgary Transit vehicles and facilities are also undergoing daily deep cleaning and regular disinfectant wipe downs. Finally, they have also increased the number of uniformed Peace Officers that patrol the CTrains and stations.

Is Calgary Transit safe?

Calgary Transit is a safe option for getting around the city. Operators, staff, and uniformed Peace Officers are around to provide assistance should you need it.

What happens if there is an emergency on Calgary Transit?

While Calgary Transit has video surveillance cameras that are monitored by security staff and has recently increased the amount of Peace Officers that monitor transit, emergencies can still occur.

If an emergency situation arises while you are riding Calgary Transit or are at one of their bus stops or train stations, you are encouraged to report it to them immediately. You can report emergencies a number of ways, including:

  • By texting Calgary Transit at 74100

  • Using one of the help phones that can be found at CTrain station, platforms, and MAX Purple stations

  • Or calling 403-262-1000, option 1

You can also alert your Calgary Transit vehicle Operator or seek help from one of the uniformed Peace Officers that patrol the train line.

If medical, police, or fire assistance is needed, call 9-1-1.

At a train station…

If you are at a CTrain station and see or are involved in an emergency, find the help phone (they are available at all stations and platforms) and contact security staff immediately. If you see a uniformed Peace Officer nearby, you can ask them for assistance as well, or you can discreetly report the incident by texting 74100.

If the emergency situation is life-threatening or police, fire, or medical services are required, call 9-1-1.

On a train…

If you are riding the CTrain and an emergency arises, alert the train operator. Call 9-1-1 if police, medical, and fire assistance is needed.

On a bus…

If you are riding a Calgary Transit bus and there is an emergency, alert your operator immediately. If the emergency requires fire, medical, or police assistance, call 9-1-1.

What do I do if I see something on Calgary Transit and need to report it?

Calgary Transit has the Transit Watch program that allows customers to report concerns directly to them. If you are riding a train or a bus, alert your operator, talk to a uniformed peace officer or alert law enforcement, should the situation require it.

You can also discreetly report a safety or security concern by texting Calgary Transit at 74100, or calling them at 403-262-1000, option 1.

How do I lodge a complaint with Calgary Transit?

If you want to file a complaint with Calgary Transit, you can do so using their online Submit a Request feature where you will find different categories of requests.

What to do when you lose something while riding Calgary Transit?

Did you lose something the last time you rode Calgary Transit? Turns out you’re not the only one—some 24,000 items are left behind and moved to their Lost & Found every year (that’s 2,000 items per month).

If you leave something behind on Calgary Transit, call 311 or 403-268-1600 between 10 am and 5:30 pm, or fill out their handy online form to report it missing. If your item has been found, you can pick it up at the Calgary Transit office located at Centre Street Platform at 125 Seventh Avenue SE. Note that this office is closed Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays.

If you happen to come across an item that has been left behind while riding Calgary Transit, you can hand it to the vehicle operator or take it to the Centre Street Platform office so it can make its way back to its rightful (probably frantic) owner.

What to do when you lose something on the train?

If you see the CTrain pull away and realize you accidentally left something behind you can report your item missing via the online form, or call 311 or 403-268-1600 between 10 am and 5:30 pm. When it’s found it can be picked up at the Centre Street Platform Calgary Transit office.

This is a great time to remind you that it’s never a good idea to jump off the train platform to retrieve something that might have fallen. It’s simply not worth the risk! Instead, alert a Calgary Transit staff member or security officer, who will be more equipped to make arrangements to help you retrieve the item.

What to do when you lose something on the bus?

If you get off a Calgary Transit bus and realize that you might have left something behind, you can report your missing item via the online form, or call 311 or 403-268-1600 between 10 am and 5:30 pm.

What to do when you lose something on Calgary Transit Access?

If you accidentally leave something behind while in a Calgary Transit Access vehicle, you can also report it via the online form, or call 311 or 403-268-1600 between 10 am and 5:30 pm.

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