Best Transit App for Edmonton Transit

Best Transit App for Edmonton Transit

Edmonton, get from A to be B on Calgary Transit with less OMG 🚀

Edmonton Transit combines the use of buses and trains to get riders around Alberta’s capital city, and sometimes riders face unexpected delays, or aren’t sure when they need to get to the bus stop so they get there early and have to wait for 20 minutes in the winter cold.

Rocketman wants to help you along your commute so you have a better experience. We want to make sure you arrive at the stop when you need to, are kept up-to-date along their journey, and actually know when you should be arriving at your destination.

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Edmonton, we’ve got you covered for Edmonton Transit!

Edmonton Transit has been around since 1908, and while a lot has changed they’re still trucking along carrying passengers from A to B through the greater Edmonton area. They see a weekday ridership of over 397,000, and Rocketman wants to help make sure that you don’t get lost in the crowd.

We want to help you arrive at your destination with a smile on your face and (hopefully) a coffee in your hand—if you have time to get it before you have to be at the bus stop. Bring Rocketman along so your next ride on Edmonton Transit is less stressful.

How to pay for Edmonton Transit

To ride Edmonton Transit you need to pay some form of fare. Fare comes in a number of different forms from single-ride tickets to day, family, and monthly passes. Regardless of what you use, you need to pay for it before you ride.

How to buy fares/passes?

Edmonton Transit fares and passes can be purchased in advance of your ride from Edmonton city-operated recreation facilities (though these may be closed due to transit), online, at sales outlets, and at vending machines.

If you want to pay at the time that you ride, you can use cash fare at the vending machines or when you board the bus (you can also pay using other payment methods at the vending machines before you board a train).

Where to buy fares/passes?

You can purchase fare for Edmonton Transit when you get on the bus with cash fare (note that bus drivers cannot provide change), you can request a paper transfer so you can move along your journey.

Family and day passes, and single-use tickets can be purchased at LRT ticket vending machines which you’ll find at LRT stations. Monthly passes can be purchased at city recreation facilities (though not during COVID-19), the Edmonton Transit online stores, and Edmonton Transit sales outlets.

Edmonton Transit Fare Zones

Fares are required to be paid for any Edmonton Transit vehicle on any route.

What is POP?

Proof of payment or POP is required to ride any Edmonton Transit vehicle. This can be in the form of a ticket, paper transfer, or bus pass.


Edmonton Transit fare has a transfer time of 90 minutes from your purchase. That means that you can switch between trains and buses to get to your destination on one fare for 90 minutes. Paper transfers can be obtained from bus operators.

Other Passes

Besides a single fare purchase, you can buy monthly passes, day and family passes, or ticket books to save money on Edmonton Transit.

Edmonton Smart Fare

Edmonton Smart Fare is an electronic fare payment system that makes paying for your next Edmonton Transit trip easier and more convenient, and it’s scheduled to launch in 2021.

While you can’t use it quite yet, when it’s released you’ll be able to tap on and off along your journey, and you won’t have to carry paper tickets or cash fare. You can find more information about the future of Edmonton Transit Smart Fare on their website.

What is Disabled Adult Transit Service (DATS)?

DATS stands for Disabled Adult Transit Service, and it’s Edmonton Transit’s door-to-door public transportation solution for riders who are not able to use regular transit due to a physical or cognitive impairment.

It’s a shared-pride program that operates within the city limits, and uses accessible vehicles, taxis and vans to serve customers. Transit riders that use DATS must apply and meet the eligibility requirements before registering and using the program.

Getting around Edmonton with Edmonton Transit

Edmonton Transit is one of the best and most affordable ways to get around the city, but it’s a big city to get around so you might want to get a little help. Navigating their buses and trains is much easier when you bring Rocketman along for the ride.

Edmonton Transit Alerts

Rocketman provides real-time alerts and updates for Edmonton Transit to help get you where you need to go with the least amount of fuss possible. If you want to stay on top of your journey, get notified about delays, stop or train closures, and still arrive at your destination on time (or, at least with the least amount of delay possible—we’re not magic or anything).

What happens when there is a train closure?

Train closures happen for a variety of reasons, sometimes they’re planned for stop improvements and constructions, other times they happen unexpectedly. Regardless of whether or not the train closure is planned, Rocketman will let you know as soon as we do about it!

Edmonton Transit safety and security policies

Maintaining a safe and welcoming environment for transit riders is important for Edmonton Transit. There are safety and security measures in place to help ensure that you get from A to B safely, including emergency alert buttons, trained ETS personnel, Transit Peace Officers, and security cameras. You are also part of the solution, if you see something unusual or suspicious, report it!

Edmonton Transit COVID-19 information

Edmonton Transit has remained in service throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, though service has changed. During this time, they recommend that customers travel during off-peak periods so it’s easier to social distance from other travellers. They also ask if you aren’t feeling well that you stay home.

Masks or face covering are mandatory while riding transit vehicles and at transit centres and LRT platforms for both riders and staff. There are also shields on transit buses to help give drivers a little extra protection.

Is Edmonton Transit safe?

Passenger and operator safety is a priority for Edmonton Transit. They want you to have a safe and secure journey.

What happens if there is an emergency on Edmonton Transit?

While we hope you never come across an emergency situation while riding on Edmonton Transit, in the case that a situation does arise there are a number of resources available to riders, including:

  • Transit Watch, where you can report safety concerns via phone or text message to transit staff at 780-442-4900

  • Blue Emergency Help Phones which are located in all LRT stations, major bus terminals, and some city pedways, which put you in touch with security personnel

  • Wall-mounted Red Emergency Buttons which are located in several areas in the downtown core, these will also put you in touch with security personnel

  • Yellow passenger alarms and red emergency buttons located on LRT cars

Edmonton Transit vehicles, stations, and major stops are also covered by CCTV surveillance video, which is monitored by security personnel.

If you encounter an emergency, access one of the emergency instruments to get in touch with Edmonton Transit security. You can also seek assistance from any operators or staff in the area. Should the emergency situation require police, fire, or medical assistance, call 9-1-1.

At a train station…

If an emergency arises while you’re at an Edmonton Transit train station, you can access the Blue Emergency Help Phone which will put you in touch with security personnel who can provide help.

On a train…

If you are riding the LRT and an emergency happens, you can alert your operator by either activating the Yellow Passenger Alarm or the Red Emergency Button. Once you are in touch with the operator, explain the situation and they can provide you with further instructions.

On a bus…

If you are riding an Edmonton Transit bus and an emergency occurs, alert the driver. The driver can reach out to dispatch for emergency services and provide you with assistance.

What do I do if I see something on Edmonton Transit and need to report it?

Edmonton Transit’s Transit Watch program encourages customers to report immediate safety concerns, such as suspicious activity or harassment, by calling or texting them at 780-442-4900.

What does Edmonton Transit do with their security footage?

Edmonton Transit buses, LRT cars, stations, major transit centres, and some city pedways have surveillance cameras installed to help ensure the safety of staff and riders. These cameras are continuously monitored, and when an emergency communication device is activated, the security camera will automatically monitor the area to provide security personnel with visual contact of the person requesting assistance.

According to Edmonton Transit, the collection of these recorded images is “authorized under Section 33(c) of the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (FOIP).” You can contact them directly for more information.

How do I lodge a complaint with Edmonton Transit?

If you wish to file a complaint with Edmonton Transit, you can do so by contacting 311 via the phone at 311 or, or online. You can also provide feedback directly to Edmonton Transit through their online form.

What to do when you lose something while riding Edmonton Transit?

You’ve just finished your stress-free ride with Edmonton Transit (thanks to Rocketman) and arrived at your destination only to realize that you left something behind on the bus—what should you do?

If you lose something during your ride with Edmonton Transit, fill out their online form or call 780-496-1622 to report it missing. To identify your item, Edmonton Transit will need:

  • A detailed description of the item

  • The date it was lost

  • The route or vehicle number where you lost it

  • Your contact information

Items that are found on Edmonton Transit property or turned in to transit personnel make their way to the the Lost and Found office usually within 24 hours—though, due to current COVID restrictions and delays, right now it’s taking items a little bit longer to arrive. They recommend calling after noon because this is when all of the items from the previous day have been received by the Lost and Found and entered into their database.

Items that have been found can be picked up at the downtown Edmonton Tower during business hours Monday through Friday. The Lost and Found is not open on the weekend. When you go to get your item, make sure you bring photo ID. If you need to arrange for someone else to pick up your item, they will have to bring their photo ID, claim information about the item, and a signed note from you authorizing them to pick it up.

Unclaimed items are held for no longer than 30 days. But it’s important to note that if you lose a debit, credit, or prepaid debit card while riding Edmonton Transit and it is not claimed within 24-hours they will securely destroy it to protect your personal and financial data. So, if you do believe you’ve left your card behind, call as soon as you notice!

What to do when you lose something on the train?

If you lose something while riding the Edmonton Transit LRT, fill out their online form or call 780-496-1622 to report it missing. Lost and Found Staff will be able to notify you if your item is found.

What to do when you lose something on the bus?

If you lose something while riding an Edmonton Transit bus, fill out their online form or call 780-496-1622 to report it missing. Lost and Found Staff will be able to notify you if your item is found.

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