Best Metrolinx Transit App

Best Metrolinx Transit App

Caledon, get from A to be B on Metrolinx with less OMG 🚀

Caledon doesn’t have its own transit agency, yet. But that doesn’t mean that riders don’t need to get around. Residents that want to move around the area and, more prominently, move outside of it, can access Metrolinx.

Metrolinx is the agency that oversees both GO Transit and the UP Express, meaning Caledon residents can make their way into the GTA, and even head to the airport, using transit that’s accessible.

But Rocketman wants to make that journey even easier by providing riders with a simple solution that keeps them up-to-date while moving around. Group stops, figure out bus and train times, and get alerts delivered right to your phone—it’s never been easier to ride transit. 

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Caledon, we’ve got you covered for the Metrolinx!

GO Transit

GO Transit serves the GTA with its inter-connected system of trains and buses. Whether you want to head from Caledon to downtown Toronto or back, it’s an easy and affordable transportation route. They see an estimated 70-million passengers per year, so chances are you’ll be in good company for your next trip.

UP Express

If you need to get back and forth from the Toronto Pearson International Airport, the UP Express is a quick and affordable way to get that done. With an estimated 10,000 daily riders, this 25-minute trip can make it easy and affordable to catch your flight or make your way back home. 

Why do you even need to use Caledon Transit app?

Caledon isn’t simply one small transit agency that’s easy to navigate, it’s several different agencies that drop off and pick up passengers in the Caledon area. That means it can be a little more work getting to where you need to go, and that’s where Rocketman comes in. Our app can help connect the different transit agencies together so your trip is a single journey that’s longer, not a bunch of smaller trips smushed together. 

How to pay for Metrolinx

Metrolinx covers both GO Transit and UP Express, luckily it’s easy to switch between the two using their electronic PRESTO payment cards which give you access to discounted rates. Paying for Metrolinx has never been so easy, and we’ve got everything you need to know to get it done.

How to buy fares/passes?

There are a number of options for purchasing passes and fare for both GO Transit and UP Express, including:

  • Online (PRESTO cards, tickets and passes)
  • Ticket Vending Machines
  • PRESTO Self-Load Reload Machines
  • Customer service outlets
  • Authorized retailers

Where to buy fares/passes?

Fare to ride GO Transit can be purchased at the ticket counter or machine at the station, at an authorized retailer, or online if you’re using a PRESTO card. There are self-service ticket vending machines (TVM) and PRESTO self-load reload machines located at stations.

If you are riding the UP Express, you can purchase your ticket at one of the TVMs at the station. You can also purchase passes and tickets online if you’re using a PRESTO Card, or through the app.

What is POP?

Proof of purchase or POP means that you’ve paid to ride transit. You are required to show POP if requested by a Fare Inspector, Special Constable, Operator, Station Collector, or Customer Service Agent while riding. This can include your PRESTO card or ticket that’s been used, a paper transfer, or other pass. 


When you ride GO Transit, you have three hours to complete your trip. If you’re using a PRESTO card, your transfer credit will be automatically applied. You can use your transfer to ride another GO Transit vehicle. If you are transferring to another service (like the TTC or Brampton Transit) your GO transfer may apply but it depends on the service.

However, UP Express does not have or accept transfers from other services, including GO Transit. You must purchase a separate ticket to ride UP.

Other Passes

UP Express riders can purchase passes and tickets at special rates if they qualify. Those can include seniors, families, passengers with long layovers, and those meeting-and-greeting passengers at the airport. For GO Transit, day and group passes can be purchased.


It can be a real pain to have to stop and pay for a ticket, or carry tickets and change—but PRESTO cards are here to save the day. 

You can do everything from purchasing cards to loading them online (though you’ll have to visit an in-person location if you need to change the fare type). You simply preload your card with money, tickets or a pass, select your fare type, and tap to ride.

The best part is that the same PRESTO card that you use to ride the UP Express or GO Transit. You can check your balance, top up your card, and feel confident with balance protection. Riding transit is a whole lot easier with a PRESTO card.

Getting around Caledon with Metrolinx

Metrolinx vehicles are one of most affordable ways to get from Caledon to the rest of the GTA. GO Transit and UP Express are convenient ways to get to and from the city with their trains and buses. The area can be big, but you can get pretty much anywhere you need.

Metrolinx Alerts

Rocketman makes riding on Metrolinx vehicles a lot easier. The easy-to-use app provides you with up-to-date alerts and information about delays, stop or subway closures, and real time notifications about your vehicles so you can get to where you’re going with the least amount of delay and frustration possible.

What happens when there is a station closure?

If a GO or UP Express station is closed, Rocketman can help keep you up-to-date. Typically, if a station is closed, a shuttle bus aims to move passengers to where they need to go as quickly as they can. 

Metrolinx safety and security policies

Metrolinx takes the safety and security of passengers and staff seriously. They have a number of measures put in place to help ensure that you have a safe and comfortable experience during your ride. Riders have access to Transit Safety Operators, passenger safety alarms, on-board emergency exits, and on-board customer service agents when you ride the UP Express.

Metrolinx COVID-19 information

Metrolinx understands that even with the ongoing pandemic, you still need to get to where you’re going. Instead of shutting down, they’ve simply changed the way they operate to create a safer environment for riders and staff alike. 

It should go without saying that to protect yourself and fellow travellers, if you’re not feeling well, don’t take public transit. For riders that are up to heading out on transit (and need to), you’ll be expected to wear masks or face coverings while on vehicles and at stations for both UP Express and GO Transit. You’re also asked to maintain a social distance from staff and fellow passengers to help lessen the spread, and make sure you’re washing your hands.

Metrolinx has stepped up their cleaning game, to help cut down the spread of germs. As well, staff of both GO Transit and the UP Express receive regular health screenings, wear face coverings or are behind protective shields, and practice social distancing. 

It’s also possible that you’ll run into reduced or changed bus schedules and routes, but Rocketman can help you navigate that.  

Is Metrolinx safe?

Metrolinx puts passenger safety at the forefront of their operations. Riding both the UP Express and GO Transit vehicles is a safe way to travel throughout the GTA. Should you require assistance along your route, there are staff, security and operators there to lend a helping hand.

What happens if there is an emergency on Metrolinx?

Even the most prepared transit systems see emergencies. But Metrolinx is dedicated to ensuring the safety of their passengers, and has procedures in place, should one arise.

Both GO Transit and UP Express have a safety and security teams, they can be reached at:

  • UP Express 24-hour crime and security line: 905-803-0642
  • UP Express Transit Safety Dispatch: 1-877-297-0642
  • GO Transit safety dispatch: 1-877-297-0642

This is also the opportune moment to remind all riders to respect any safety lines or barriers that are in place to help contribute to the safety of yourself and fellow passengers.

At a subway station…

If you are at a GO Transit or UP Express station and an emergency arises, alert a member of staff. If emergency police, medical, or fire assistance is required, call 9-1-1.

On a train…

Those who experience or witness an emergency while riding a GO Train can pull the yellow emergency strip to alert the operator immediately. 

If you are riding the UP Express and an emergency occurs, the Guest Representative on board is trained to assist. You can also access the passenger safety alarm, should it be needed.

If the emergency requires police, fire, or medical intervention, call 9-1-1, regardless of which Metrolinx agency you are riding with.

On a bus…

If you are riding a GO Transit bus and are involved in or come across an emergency situation, it’s recommended that you alert your driver immediately. Where medical, police, or fire intervention is needed, you should call 9-1-1.

What do I do if I see something on Metrolinx and need to report it?

If you see something during your ride with Metrolinx and believe it needs to be reported, you can do so by contacting:

  • 905-803-0642 for UP Express crime and security
  • 1-877-297-0642 for GO Transit safety

You can also alert nearby staff, if available.

If you are reporting a crime in progress or an incident that requires medical, fire, or police intervention, call 9-1-1.

How do I lodge a complaint with Metrolinx?

For complaints related to your experience with UP Express, you can contact guest services at 1-844-GET-ON-UP, or fill out their online form.

For complaints related to your experience with GO Transit, they ask that you fill out their online form. However, if your matter is urgent, you can reach them at 1-888-438-6646.

What to do when you lose something while riding Metrolinx?

Things are left behind on Metrolinx vehicles all the time, but not all things lost are gone for good. Both GO Transit and the UP Express have lost and found procedures in place, so you’ll have to contact the agency directly to find out how you can take your item home. 

What to do when you lose something on UP Express?

If you leave something behind while riding the UP Express, they encourage you to fill out their online form. Those that haven’t left the station quite yet and are close to the service counter can alert them in person, and you can also call their customer service line at 1-844-GET-ON-UP. Items that are found make their way to the Lost and Found Office at Union Station, though keep in mind it can take them up to 72 hours to make it there.

It should be noted that if you left your item behind at the Terminal Link station, or in Terminals 1 or 3 of the Toronto Pearson Airport, you’ll need to talk to the airport, not UP Express, about retrieving them. 

What to do when you lose something on Go Transit?

The Lost & Found Office can be contacted via their online form if you believe you left something behind during your ride.

When its time to retrieve your item, you’ll need to make your way to their office at York Concourse in Union Station where the items are held. But, due to COVID, the office is by appointment only. So, you’ll need to make arrangements before you take your missing item home.

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