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Oakville Transit has been providing residents with reliable transit since 1972. With over 80 buses serving 22 regular routes and a handful of limited and special services, they make sure their 3 million annual travellers can get around the city with ease.

But even a manageable system like Oakville Transit sees its fair share of delays and changes. For the rider that wants to stay on top of them, Rocketman is the answer.

We can let you know when your Oakville Transit bus will be at your stop and let you know of changes and delays in real-time. Whether you’re rushing through your regular 9-to-5 commute or you have something special to do, we’ve got you covered!

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Oakville, we’ve got you covered for Oakville Transit!

Whether you are a rider trying to get around Oakville using transit, or you have plans to head out of the city, Rocketman is by your side. 

If your journey involves connecting with Burlington Transit, MiWay, or any other agencies in the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area, Rocketman can also help. Our app connects with transit agencies across Canada. Wherever you need to go, we can help.

We’ll let you know when your next Oakville Transit bus is coming, what time you need to make that connection with GO Transit, and when you should arrive at your destination. Plus if there are changes or delays along your route, we’ll let you know as they happen.

How to pay for Oakville Transit

PRESTO cards are the method of payment preferred by Oakville Transit. However, there are other options available to riders looking for them. Here’s what you need to know about paying for Oakville Transit:

How to buy fares/passes?

You can purchase bus fare when you board the bus with change. PRESTO cards are reloadable and can be used to tap and go, they can be purchased online or via an authorized retailer. And paper tickets and passes purchased from the Oakville Transit office are used in special circumstances only. 

Where to buy fares/passes?

Paper tickets or passes are used in special circumstances only, and must be purchased from the Oakville Transit office.

PRESTO cards can be purchased online or at authorized retailers. If you need to change the fare type of your PRESTO card, you can do so via an in-person authorized retailer.

Exact change can be used to pay for your fare when you board an Oakville Transit bus, note that the drivers are not able to provide change. 

What is POP?

POP refers to proof of payment, which means you need to be able to prove that you have paid to ride Oakville Transit. 


If you use a PRESTO card to pay for your Oakville Transit ride, a transfer valid for two hours is automatically added to your card. When switching to a different transit service with co-fare, like MiWay, new payment is taken and again the automatic transfer applies. If you are switching to or from GO Transit, the discounted $0.80 co-pay will apply automatically.

Paper transfers can be requested from operators for those playing with cash or a specialty paper ticket. 

Other Passes

If you are looking for something different than a per-ride fee, Oakville Transit offers adult, child, youth and senior monthly passes. These can be loaded onto your PRESTO card online or through an authorized retailer, and are valid for an unlimited amount of rides during the calendar month. 

They also offer the Freedom Pass for riders aged 13 to 19 through PRESTO Cards. This allows riders unlimited rides after 4 pm on weekday evenings, and all day on Saturday and Sunday, for the month the pass is purchased. 

During July and August, the Freedom Pass allows for unlimited rides, all day, all times, all week for the month indicated. However, the pass is not valid during March Break, Christmas week and statutory holidays.

Oakville Transit PRESTO Cards

PRESTO Cards are the preferred payment method of Oakville Transit as they provide a touchless tap-and-go payment experience for riders that eliminates paper tickets, passes and cash. PRESTO cards are accepted throughout the GTA by transit agencies, which means one card can allow you to access multiple systems. 

You can purchase a PRESTO Card for $6 online, or at an authorized PRESTO agent. You can load them with a dollar amount so you can pay each time you tap, or you can equip them with monthly passes. They can be reloaded at participating customer service outlets, at self-service kiosks, and through the app. 

PRESTO Cards can be set up to automatically reload or renew. They provide discounted fares, along with a discounted co-fare with GO Transit. Each card is automatically set at a regular adult fare leve, but can be changed to rates for children, youth and seniors by visiting an authorized PRESTO agent in person. 

Oakville Transit Accessibility

In addition to their regular service, Oakville Transit provides door-to-door services for persons with disabilities called care-A-van.The service operates from on Monday to Friday from 6 am to 2 am, Saturday from 7 am to 2 am, and Sunday (and holidays) from 8 am to 8 pm. The vehicles used in the services are fully accessible, and supplemented in partnership with local taxi providers. This service has been modified due to COVID-19.

Getting around Oakville with Oakville Transit

Oakville Transit is the most affordable option for getting yourself around the city, whether you’re a frequent or casual commuter. But it helps to have a buddy to keep you updated while you’re on the road, so Rocketman is here to help!

Oakville Transit Alerts

Rocketman is the best Oakville Transit app. With real-time alerts and updates, your journey becomes less stressful. We can let you know when the next bus will arrive, if there are any unexpected delays along the journey, and how fast you can expect to get to your destination. Why not ride better?

Oakville Transit safety and security policies

Oakville Transit is committed to providing a safe, secure environment for travellers and staff. Their staff are there to provide support and assistance, when needed. 

Oakville Transit COVID-19 information

Like other transit agencies in Canada, Oakville Transit has implemented policies and procedures to help limit the spread of COVID-19 while ensuring they can still help those that need them get to their destination.

Masks and face coverings must be worn while riding Oakville Transit, and social distancing should be observed. Buses should be boarded through the front door and exited via the rear door, save for riders that require additional mobility assistance. 

Shields have been installed around the bus operators, and riders are highly encouraged to use PRESTO cards as they offer a touchless payment system—though other methods are still being accepted.

Oakville Transit is also operating at a modified service level, but fear not because Rocketman can help you stay on top of things. Rides through their care-A-van and Home to Hub services are restricted to essential trips only.

Is Oakville Transit safe?

Oakville Transit is committed to providing a safe environment for customers and staff alike.

What happens if there is an emergency on Oakville Transit?

Oakville Transit is dedicated to providing a safe experience for both customers and employees. If you are using Oakville Transit and there is an emergency, speak with an Oakville Transit employee. If it requires police, medical, or fire assistance, call 9-1-1.

At a bus station or stop…

If you see or are involved in an emergency situation while you are at an Oakville Transit station or stop, report it to an employee. If the situation calls for police, medical or fire intervention, call 9-1-1.

On a bus…

While riding on an Oakville Transit bus, alert your driver to any emergency situation. If fire, medical or police help is required, call 9-1-1.

What do I do if I see something on Oakville Transit and need to report it?

Oakville Transit encourages riders to report anything suspicious or unusual. If you need to report something, you can find an Oakville Transit employee or call the customer service like at 905-815-2020. You should call 9-1-1 if your matter is urgent and requires police, medical, or fire assistance. 

What does Oakville Transit do with their security footage?

To help keep employees and customers safe, all Oakville Transit buses are equipped with video cameras. These videos are handled and retained in accordance with the Oakville Video Surveillance Policy

How do I lodge a complaint with Oakville Transit?

Complaints related to your experience with Oakville Transit can be called in to their customer service line at 905-815-2020, or emailed to

You’ll want to share as much information as possible with them, including the date, time and location, route number and destination, and vehicle number, along with a detailed description of your complaint. 

If your complaint has to do with On Demand, Care-A-van and Home to Hub, you can call 905-337-9222.

What to do when you lose something while riding Oakville Transit?

We all know that feeling of realizing you left something behind—the quick panic followed by an almost-audible eye-roll because you simply can’t believe it. If you find yourself with that feeling after you’ve been on Oakville Transit, you’ll be glad to know they log and keep all items they find for three months (unless they’re food, because that’s just gross).

You can call them at 905-815-2020 Monday through Friday from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm to see if they have your lost item. You’ll need to describe your item clearly to them, including its colour, material make, size, model number, and anything else they can use to identify it.

If they find it, you can arrange to pick it up from the Oakville Transit office located at 430 Wyecroft Road between 8:30 am to 4:30 pm Monday through Friday.

What to do when you lose something on the bus?

If you lose an item on an Oakville Transit bus, call the lost and found at 905-815-3030 between 8:30 am and 4:30 pm, Monday through Friday. If they have your item you can pick it up at their location at 430 Wyecroft Road.

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