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Getting around Victoria is easy with BC Transit, but Rocketman wants to help your experience be even better.

We provide transit riders with real-time updates so they know when they need to be at the bus stop, what time they should be arriving at their destination, and let them know about any delays or updates along the way.

We’re dedicated to helping you have a stress-free experience on BC Transit by being the handy little app on their phone that helps them stay up-to-date and informed. It’s never been easier to ride transit!

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Victoria, we’ve got you covered for BC Transit!

BC Transit helps Victoria residents make their way around the city, whether they’re headed to work, an appointment, or out for fun. With 27 million passengers served yearly, it’s an affordable and efficient way to get around.

The transit system has been serving Victoria residents since 1983, with over 35 years of experience it’s a trusted provider. And Rocketman wants to help you have the best experience with BC Transit possible.

How to pay for the BC Transit

If you want to use BC Transit to get around the city, you’ll need to pay a fare first. Fares can be in the form of:

  • Cash payment
  • Paper tickets
  • Passes

How to buy fares/passes?

BC Transit fares and passes can be bought at a variety of retail stores in Victoria. If you want to pay for a single ride, you can do so with a cash fare paid in exact change when you board a bus.

Where to buy fares/passes?

BC Transit fares can be purchased in-person at a number of locations in and around Victoria, including convenience stores, drug stores, and grocery stories around Victoria. If you want to find a location, you can look at the detailed list of retail partners on the BC Transit fare page.

BC Transit Fare Zones

All BC Transit vehicles require a fare to be paid to use their service. 

What is POP?

You need to provide proof of purchase or POP while riding BC Transit vehicles. POP can be provided with a ticket, paper transfer, or valid pass. 


Transfers are issued only at the time that your fare is paid. You can request a paper transfer from your bus operator, and fares are valid for 90 minutes.

Other Passes

In addition to regular fares, BC Transit has a number of other passes available, including:

  • Monthly passes
  • Day passes
  • Post-secondary student, college and U-passes for eligible students
  • ProPass for employers in participating communities
  • Semester passes for eligible students

More information on the specific pass types and eligibility can be found in the fares section of their website. 

What is handyDART?

HandyDART is BC Transit’s paratransit system built to help those who are not able to safely navigate the conventional system due to a cognitive or physical impairment. With handyDART they can access affordable and efficient public transit. 

To use handyDART, eligible persons need to apply and register. Once they’re signed up, riders can access door-to-door service or the handyDART fixed-route service. Buses on the fixed route service feature low-floor buses with ramps, or lift-equipped buses on fixed routes and schedules. 

Getting around Victoria with BC Transit

Victoria is a big and beautiful, but spread-out city which means if you don’t have a car it can be a bit of a challenge to get around—that is, without BC Transit. Rocketman is here to help you plan your route on BC Transit, stay updated along your journey, and, hopefully, have a stress-free ride.

BC Transit Alerts

Rocketman is here to help you stay on top of your trip while riding BC Transit vehicles. We help deliver real-time updates along your journey, let you know when you need to get to your stop, and ensure you stay informed along your journey. 

BC Transit safety and security policies

Safety is a top priority at BC Transit. They have been moving passengers safely within BC communities for more than 100 years, and they are there to help ensure that you reach your next destination safely too!

BC Transit COVID-19 information

BC Transit remains committed to providing Victoria residents with a safe and affordable way to make their way around the city, despite the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. However, riding transit looks a little different, including service changes and reduced capacity on buses. 

There are enhanced cleaning protocols in place on buses and at transit facilities, which include the daily cleaning of high-touch areas on all buses, a weekly sanitization of buses, and the daily sanitization of all handyDART buses.

Both staff and passengers are required to wear face coverings while riding transit, additional barricades have been installed to protect drivers, and there is additional personal protective equipment for handyDART transit operators. They ask that passengers enter only at the front and exit only at the back of the bus to help limit contact with other passengers.

You can still get to where you’re going with BC Transit, though it’s important that you don’t ride on transit if you’re feeling ill. 

Is BC Transit safe?

Safety is a top priority for BC Transit. If you require assistance along your journey, inform your operator. 

What happens if there is an emergency on BC Transit?

If you see or are involved in an emergency incident while riding on BC Transit, you should alert your driver and follow instructions. If fire, medical, or police assistance is provided, call 911.

If you are a witness to an incident or accident while riding BC Transit, they ask that you leave your contact information with the driver before you leave in case they need to follow up with you. While riding a BC Transit bus, if you feel concerned about your safety for any reason it is recommended that you sit near the front or inform the driver.

On a bus…

While riding a BC Transit bus, if you see or are involved in an emergency situation, let your driver know. If police, fire, or medical assistance is needed, call 911. And, if you are a witness to an incident, leave your information with the driver before you leave the vehicle. 

What do I do if I see something on BC Transit and need to report it?

If you see something on BC Transit that you need to report, you can do so by contacting the customer service via their transit info number at 250-382-6161 or filling out a Customer Service Report online. BC Transit staff will investigate all incidents and contact you if they need more information.

How do I lodge a complaint with BC Transit?

If you want to file a complaint with BC Transit you can contact Customer Service by phone between 8 am and 4:30 pm Monday through Friday at 250-382-6161 or use their online contact form.

What to do when you lose something while riding BC Transit?

Did you accidentally leave something behind during your last ride with BC Transit? Fear not, it happens to the best of us. The BC Transit Lost and Found office holds items for a minimum of 14 days. 

If you find that you’ve left something behind during your journey, you can call the Lost and Found Office at 250-995-5637 or email them at to see if it has been turned in and arrange to pick it up. 

If you find something that looks like it’s been left behind on a BC Transit vehicle, give it to the vehicle operator so it can make its way to the Lost and Found to be reunited with its rightful owner.

What to do when you lose something on the bus?

If you left something behind on a BC Transit bus, you can call the Lost and Found at 250-995-5637 or email them at to report it missing.

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