Best Saskatoon Transit App

Best Saskatoon Transit App

Saskatoon, get from A to be B on Saskatoon Transit with less OMG 🚀

Originally known as the Saskatoon Municipal Railway, Saskatoon transit service began on January 1st, 1913. With only four different streetcar routes, they ferried an approximate 5,200 people through the city on opening day.

In 1931, the very first gas bus went into service, and they slowly phased out street cars until in 1951, when electric trolley buses officially ran the transit system. As of 1974, electric trolley buses were replaced with standard diesel buses.

Saskatoon Transit has grown a lot since its humble beginnings over a century ago. It can be hard to keep track, and a tiny delay could make or break your morning. But thanks to Rocketman, you’ll know about delays in real time so there’s one less thing to worry about on your morning commute.

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Saskatoon, we’ve got you covered for Saskatoon Transit!

Saskatoon Transit helped about 9.4 million people travel the city in 2018. With that many riders, it can feel really easy to get mixed up.

But Rocketman is here to help! You’ll know exactly how long you have until the next bus arrives, so it’s easy to slow down and enjoy your morning walk to the bus stop. And you can take your afternoon lunch break with less rush—or at least if you’re running late, you’ll be well aware and prepared to plan accordingly.

How to pay for Saskatoon Transit

Every bus is equipped with a fare box ready to receive payment upon entry, so you can pay as you get on.

These fare boxes automatically count the change deposited, and display the payment received to ensure the proper amount is paid. Which means it’s important that you pay with exact change—the machine cannot accept paper bills, and bus drivers can’t dispense change.

If you’re bringing the kidlets with you, you’ll be relieved to know that if they’re under five, they can ride for free (with adult supervision, of course). There are also discounted fares for children over five, along with high school students.

How to buy fares/passes?

Cash payment isn’t the only acceptable fare for Saskatoon Transit bus routes. You can pay for bus fare electronically with your Go-Pass Smart Card.

Where to buy fares/passes?

Bus passes are available at a wide variety of places around the city of Saskatoon including, CO-OP, Safeway, and Shoppers Drug Mart. They can also be purchased at Saskatoon City Hall, and on the campuses of Saskatchewan Polytechnic and the University of Saskatoon.

If you are using a Go-Pass Smart Card, you can register it at Saskatoon Transit Customer Service Center, which is located in the downtown transit terminal. However, electronic cards can also be filled at local stores, including Safeway and CO-OP.

What is POP?

POP means proof of payment. If you’re paying cash on the bus, the fare box will say directly on it you’ve paid the correct amount. If you’re using a Go-Pass Smart Card, after a quick swipe your ride will be deducted from your card and the fare box will indicate you’re all good.


Your fare for Saskatoon Transit comes with a 90-minute transfer. This means you can ride any Saskatoon city transit bus without needing to pay again during that time.

If you are paying with cash, you need to ask the driver for a transfer as you board, right after you pay. If you are using your Go-Pass Smart Card, after your first use, your card will recognize payment has been received. Your card will not be charged for the next 90 minutes when you swipe on the next bus (or two).

Other Passes

In addition to single ride and Go-Pass Smart Cards, both day and month passes are available. The Leisure Card Program which allows for low-income Saskatoon residents who are eligible to access month passes at a discounted cost. Application forms for a Leisure Access Card Pass are available at the Saskatoon Transit Customer Service Center, as well as all City of Saskatoon leisure centers.

Go-Pass Smart Cards

Go-Pass Smart Cards are Saskatoon Transit’s answer to electronic payment. You can purchase them for $5 and the activation fee. You then pre-pay for rides which are deducted as you swipe your card.

Prices range from $16 to $25 for ten rides, and this is definitely be the best option for families consistently using Saskatoon transit, as any adult saves $5 and children save $8.25 (aged 5 to grade 8) every 10 rides.

What is Access Transit?

Access Transit is Saskatoon Transit’s paratransit service.

They have a fleet of 28 lift-equipped buses are working to help provide Saskatoon residents who have any physical or cognitive disabilities get around the city. Fare prices are the same as any other rider, the main difference is trips must be booked three days in advance.

Access Transit operates seven days a week, including stat holidays. Access Transit is a shared ride service, not a taxi service, so it is important to know that it is rare the bus will take you directly where you need to go.

You can confirm and cancel trips through the IVR (Interactive Voice Response System) by calling 1(306)-975-3555, and then entering your ID and password.

Getting around Saskatoon with Saskatoon Transit

Saskatoon Transit’s mission has been to provide cost-effective, safe and affordable public transit, and although it feels like they have stayed true to their word it never hurts to have a helping hand when it comes to the understanding of your surroundings.

Rocketman is here to help make understanding easier! Our app provide reassurance to your transit routines by allowing you to stay informed, help you avoid the rush, and take your day one step at a time.

Saskatoon Transit Alerts

Rocketman provides Saskatoon Transit riders with real-time information on any route changes or delays along your daily commute. Get where you’re going with as little hassle as possible, because maybe we can’t clear traffic but we can let you know if anything is going to slow you down.

Saskatchewan Transit safety and security policies

Since June 2000, Saskatoon Transit, in partnership with Child & Youth Friendly Saskatoon, created Safe Bus to assist anyone of any age to contact emergency services.

In the case of an emergency, any person can stand on the sidewalk and wave down a bus, or approach a parked bus. All Saskatoon Transit drivers have been taught to recognize you as a person in need, and assist by contacting emergency services through the bus radio system and providing a safe place to wait.

It is incredibly important never to step into the roadway while attempting to wave down a bus, and also important any parents teaching children about Safe Bus make sure they understand the dangers of stepping in front of a moving bus.

Saskatoon Transit COVID-19 information

While the world has changed because of COVID-19, Saskatoon Transit has remained dedicated to providing riders a safe way to get around. They have been working hard to keep vehicles clean, and help riders maintain social distance when possible.

Saskatoon Transit still highly encourages face coverings be worn at all times inside of transit vehicles, regardless of provincial regulations in place. Several seats on buses have been blocked to allow space for riders to keep distance. However, if you are accompanied on a bus by family or a friend, there are no rules in place saying you may not sit together.

Drivers have been working hard to provide significant additional cleaning to buses with a specific focus on touch point such as buttons or railings. Saskatoon Transit is asking riders to avoid travelling by bus during peak hours if possible. However, in order to assist with keeping social distancing possible the city has put extra buses on busy routes during peak riding hours.

Is the Saskatoon Transit safe?

Saskatoon Transit is a safe way to adventure around the city. In the case of any emergency, drivers are fully prepared to contact emergency services and assist in a safe manner.

What happens if there is an emergency on Saskatoon Transit?

Saskatoon Transit, along with Safe Bus, are working to provide as safe of a public space as possible for all daily commuters. If you see or are involved in an emergency, call 911, and alert your driver. They can also call for help.

On a bus…

If an emergency arises on your bus, Saskatoon Transit asks everyone to call 911. Your driver will also do the same via the bus radio.

What do I do if I see something on Saskatoon Transit and need to report it?

If you see something while riding Saskatoon Transit that you feel needs to be reported, immediately make your driver aware. Every Saskatoon Transit bus is equipped with an on board camera, to provide an extra safety measure.

If it is an emergency situation, call 911. Saskatoon Transit asks all riders be aware of their surroundings while waiting for a bus late at night.

How do I lodge a complaint with Saskatoon Transit?

To file any complaints with Saskatoon Transit, their online Customer Feedback page is available for you to voice your concerns.

What to do when you lose something while riding with Saskatoon Transit?

To report any items you may have lost on the bus, you can call 1(306)-975-3100 between 9 am and 5 pm or email with a description of the lost item and as much detail as possible.

Once your item is located you will be notified that you can pick it up from the Customer Service Centre. Proof of ownership is required upon pick up, and items can only be released to the owner, no third party may claim the item.

In the situation you find a lost item on a bus, please give it to the bus driver or drop it off at the Customer Service Centre, don’t forget to let them know when and where you found it!

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