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Toronto, get from A to be B on UP Express with less OMG 🚀

Going to and from the airport can be a real pain, not to mention really expensive. So, how would you feel about saving money, and a little bit of time? We thought you’d like that.

UP Express is Toronto’s solution for getting to the airport faster and for less money than calling a cab or forking over the cash for a week-long parking job. This train gets you to the airport (or back into Toronto) in 25 minutes. Does that sound like a stress-free trip?

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Toronto, we’ve got you covered for UP Express!

But taking any form of transit can be frustrating if you get stuck with delays or can’t seem to plan your trip just right. Thankfully, Rocketman is here to save the day (cue theme song).

We deliver you real-time updates right to your smartphone so your ride with UP Express is stress-free and you know when you’re going to get there. Riding is better with a friend, isn’t it? Take Rocketman with you!

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How to pay for UP Express

UP Express fares are available in regular and PRESTO discounted rates, and are calculated based on the travel distance. But when it stacks up against other methods, the cost of UP Express is significantly more valuable.

How to buy fares/passes?

You can purchase a UP Express ticket online or through the UP mobile app to save time up-front. Tickets can also be purchased at a Ticket Vending Machine (TVM) located at train stations. You can also get a discounted rate with your PRESTO card.

Note that COVID Guest Services Representatives are no longer accepting cash at service counters, but you can use cash, debit, or credit to purchase a ticket through a TVM.

Where to buy fares/passes?

TVMs are located at UP Express stations. You can also get a ticket or pass purchases online, or top-up your PRESTO card through the PRESTO app.

What is POP?

“POP” simply means proof of payment. You are required to present POP to requesting UP Express staff, such as Transit Safety Officers or customer service representatives.


Transfers are not accepted on UP Express. TTC and GO Transit tickets are not valid on UP Express, nor are UP Express tickets accepted on TTC or GO. You must purchase a separate ticket.

Other passes

Special passes and rates are available for UP Express riders that fall under the categories of seniors, families, those with long layovers, and those heading to meet and greet someone arriving at the airport.

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UP Express PRESTO Cards

Don’t want the hassle of having to stop and pay for a ticket every time you head to the airport? That’s why PRESTO cards were invented (we think, anyway, we didn’t actually invent them).

The same PRESTO card that you use to access the TTC and GO Transit systems can also be used to ride UP Express. They allow you to preload fares, tap and ride—all without having to stop and purchase a ticket from anyone (talk about being able to socially distance).

You also get balance protection, can set up automatic top-ups, or auto-renew passes—all from inside the app!

Getting around Toronto with UP Express

It can be expensive to get a cab to the airport and even more expensive to park there, so heading there via the UP Express can save you some serious cash and frustration. Rocketman wants to get in on that action—saving you the frustration that is.

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UP Express alerts

With Rocketman, you’ll get alerts for UP Express trains. You’ll know if they’re late if they’re on their way and when you should arrive at your destination.

What happens when there is a subway closure?

Sometimes closures or delays happened. If that’s the case Rocketman can help you find a suitable route to your final destination. It could be a shuttle, bus, train or plane—OK, it probably won’t be a plane, but we’ll help you find your way to where you’re going!

Safety & Security

The UP Express holds passenger safety and security as their first priority, so they have a number of measures in place to help ensure you have a comfortable experience getting to your destination. Riders have access to passenger safety alarms, onboard emergency exits, Transit Safety Operators, along with an onboard customer agent.

UP Express COVID-19 information

Due to COVID-19, UP Express has updated some of its health and safety procedures to help protect riders and staff.

Riders should stay home if they’re feeling ill. During your UP Express ride, you’ll be expected to wear a face covering and observe social distancing. They further request that, if you can, please purchase your ticket online or load money onto your PRESTO card and avoid using manned kiosks to limit exposure to frontline workers.

UP Express vehicles receive frequent deep cleaning, and all high-touch areas have a long-acting antimicrobial germ-protecting barrier applied. Frontline staff receive regular health screenings, wear a face covering and practice social distancing.

Should a situation arise where someone with COVID-19 has been at a station or onboard a vehicle, the station will be immediately closed and/or the vehicle taken out of service.

UP Express is committed to getting riders where they need to go safely. Read more about riding transit safely during COVID-19.

Is the UP Express safe?

UP Express puts passenger safety at the forefront of its operations. Passengers have access to Guest Service Representatives, who are on board all trains, Transit Safety Officers, and a Transit Safety dispatch number (1-877-297-0642).

What happens if there is an emergency on UP Express?

Security of passengers is important to UP Express. Make sure that you follow all posted safety instructions, such as staying behind the yellow marked lines at stations. Guest Representatives are available for assistance, and Transit Safety Officers can be reached at 1-877-297-0642.

On a train…

There is a Guest Representative onboard each train that you can alert to emergencies, as well as a passenger safety alarm. If you are in need of medical, fire or police help, contact 9-1-1. UP Express also has a 24-hour line for crime or security matters (905-803-0642), and a Transit Safety Dispatch number (1-877-297-0642).

At the station…

In case of an emergency at the station, alert a UP Express staff member. If you need assistance from fire, police or medical, call 9-1-1.

What do I do if I see something and need to report it?

You can use the UP Express phone line to report crime or security matters at 905-803-0642.

How do I lodge a complaint with UP Express?

You can reach the UP Express Guest Services team via phone at 1-844-GET-ON-UP, Monday through Friday from 8 am to 8 pm, and on weekends and holidays from 9 am to 5 pm. Or you can fill out their online form.

What to do when you lose something on UP Express?

We all lose things every once in a while—it’s pretty easy to set something on the seat beside you and walk away without even realizing it.

While UP Express can’t guarantee they’ll find your item, they encourage you to fill out their online form if you find you’re missing something after riding with them. If you notice this while you’re still in the vicinity of an UP Express Service Counter, you can notify them in person. Or if you prefer to have a chat on the phone, you can ring them up at 1-844-GET-ON-UP.

Items found on UP Express make their way to their Lost and Found Office at Union Station, though they do note that items can take up to 72 hours to arrive there.

If you believe your left an item behind on the airport side of your UP Express ride—while you were at the Terminal Link train station, or Terminals 1 or 3 of the Toronto Pearson Airport—you need to get in touch with the airport, not UP Express. Visit their website to fill out their form, contact the Airport Information Line or visit their Lost and Found Office.

What to do when you lose something on an UP Express train?

If you lose an item on an UP Express train or leave it at the station, complete their online form and Lost and Found staff will contact you. Mote that items left at the Terminal Link train station need to be reported to the Toronto Pearson Airport.

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