Best Viva Transit App

Best Viva Transit App

York, get from A to be B on Viva Transit with less OMG 🚀

Viva Transit came about in a response to congestion on some of the York Region highways. In an attempt to ease roadway pressure, they expanded with the Viva Bus Rapid Transit System in September 2005. Today, it provides express services for York Region transit riders along Yonge Street and Highway 7. Rocketman thinks your next Viva trip should be as stress free as possible, so download the app and find out how!

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York, we’ve got you covered for Viva Transit!

Viva transit can help get you to where you’re going faster, and Rocketman wants in on some of that action. Our easy to use, free app can help you cut down your travel time (by telling you when you actually have to be at the bus stop) and keep you updated along your journey with Viva Transit.

How to pay for Viva Transit

You need to pay for your Viva transit ride before entering the fare paid zone (there are no machines to pay on the vehicles themselves).

YRT has also eliminated the use of paper fare media, so while you can still pay for trips with cash, your best bet on a discounted trip is using the PRESTO card, YRT PAY or Transit app.

How to buy fares/passes?

You can purchase fare for your PRESTO card online, or you can reload in person at one of the authorized retailers. Once you have your fare, you’ll need to activate it with one of the pay machines at the Vivastation before you board.

Where to buy fares/passes?

Fares and passes can be purchased online, or at in-person authorized retailers (if you’re loading a PRESTO card).

Viva Fares Zones

Proof of payment is required inside all Fare Paid Zones within York Region Transit, and to ride any Viva bus. However, fares do not currently change within YRT based on location or zone.

What is POP?

Viva has a pre-paid, proof of payment (or POP) system. Since there are no fare boxes on the buses, you need to purchase tickets, passes, tap your PRESTO card, or activate a mobile ticket or pass prior to boarding. You will want to keep your POP on your at all times in case Transit Enforcement asks to see it — not having a paid fare could result in a fine or criminal charge.


YRT fares let you travel on any YRT vehicle, in any direction, on a single fare for up to two hours. Your fare is valid from time of issue. If you anticipate travelling to another YRT or Viva route, make sure to ask for a transfer when you board if you paid for your fare with a ticket or cash. When you use a PRESTO card, the transfer is added automatically. And when you use the YRT Pay app, your mobile ticket or pass is your transfer.

Other Passes

YRT has other pass options beyond regular fare, including:

  • Monthly passes
  • Travel Assistance Program (for eligible riders)
  • YRT@ Work Program (purchased through employer)

Viva Transit Cards

Riding Viva buses is a whole lot easier when you use a PRESTO Card. This tap and go card allows you to load payments onto one single card you need to carry around, instead of pocketing a bunch of change, and ride both Viva buses and other YRT vehicles (not to mention other services like GO Transit and the TTC).

PRESTO Cards can be purchased for $6 (plus whatever amount of money you decide to put on it) online at, at select YRT PRESTO fare agents, and Shoppers Drug Mart locations. Then you can manage your card online and reload funds both online and at various locations around the York Region. Registered cards also have balance protection in case it gets lost or stolen. 

Viva Transit Accessibility

York Region Transit owns one of the largest bus fleets in Ontario, and is dedicated to continually working to provide customers with vehicles that are accessible. While not all of their buses have all of the following, some accessibility features they have include:

  • Kneeling buses with a ramp or lift
  • Priority seating close to the operator
  • Slip resistant floors
  • Automated stop announcements and variable message display signs
  • Grab bars, hand rails and other stabilization tools throughout the bus 

Riders who need more accessibility services can look to YRT’s Mobility On-Request Paratransit, which offers a specialized, door-to-door service for those that are eligible. 

Getting around the York Region with Viva Transit

Viva Transit is one of the most efficient ways to get around the York Region. But staying on top of your trip can sometimes be challenging, especially if unexpected delays come up. Rocketman is here to help you navigate your next trip, and we can help you catch your connecting YRT or GO Transit vehicle. 

Viva Transit Alerts

Rocketman can help make your trip on Viva buses more efficient and less stressful. Get alerts and updates on delays, stop closures, and bus times. So long as you have your smartphone, an internet connection, and the Rocketman app, we’ll be there to guide you along the way!

Viva Transit safety and security policies

Viva Rapid Transit and YRT take passenger safety seriously. Transit Enforcement is available 24/7, where required, and drivers and staff are there to help when needed. Viva buses are equipped with security cameras to help deter incidents, and there are increased health and safety considerations due to COVID-19.

Viva Transit COVID-19 information

Viva Rapid Transit buses have continued to operate during the COVID-19 outbreak, albeit with increased safety measures.

In accordance with York Region Transit policies, riders on Viva buses are required to wear masks or face coverings while on vehicles or waiting at transit facilities. It is also suggested that you ride during off-peak times, where possible, to help maintain social distancing. Finally, YRT has implemented enhanced cleaning procedures in their facilities and vehicles.

The situation is developing and is being monitored by York Region Transit, but it is possible that further changes will be made to ensure the health and safety of all YRT and Viva passengers.

Is Viva Transit safe?

YRT and Viva take operator and rider safety seriously. If you feel unsafe during your ride, speak with your operator or contact Transit Enforcement. Note that Viva does not have the Request Stop program, buses are only allowed to stop at designated Viva stations.

What happens if there is an emergency on Viva Transit?

If you are riding Viva transit and see or are involved in an emergency, call 911. You should also alert your driver and Transit Enforcement, where possible.

On a bus…

If you are on a Viva bus and you are involved in or see an emergency that requires police, medical, or fire intervention, call 911 immediately. You can also alert your driver and Transit Enforcement, where possible. 

What do I do if I see something on Viva Transit and need to report it?

If you need to report something that you saw while riding Viva Transit, you can contact 1-866-668-3978 and speak to a customer service representative who can relay the information to Transit Enforcement.

If what you want to report is an emergency and requires police, medical or fire intervention, call 911.

What does Viva Transit do with their security footage?

All York Region Transit vehicles, including Viva buses, are outfitted with security cameras. These are intended to proactively deter crime and provide evidence of incidents that may occur. Footage is not archived, but may be retrieved if requested by police or YRT officials as evidence of a particular incident. 

How do I lodge a complaint with Viva Transit?

If you would like to file a complaint about Viva Transit with YRT, you can do so via their online feedback form. The more information you give, the better chance they have of conducting a thorough investigation.

What to do when you lose something while riding Viva Transit?

You won’t be the first person to leave an item behind on a Viva Transit bus, nor will you likely be the last.

As part of York Regional Transit, you’ll need to identify the route you were on when you left your item behind and contact the appropriate contractor via the YRT Lost and Found Search Tool. If you’ve contacted the contractor and they have sent the item to YRT directly, you can speak to a customer representative at 1-866-668-3978 to arrange pickup.

Items that are unclaimed for 31 days become property of YRT, so make sure you pick it up before then!

What to do when you lose something on the bus?

If you left something behind on a Viva bus, use the YRT Lost and Found Search Tool to find the appropriate contractor to contact regarding your lost item. If the contractor tells you that it’s been returned to YRT, get in contact with customer service at 1-866-668-3978 to arrange pickup. 

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